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Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price

Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
Yonex VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price
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The new VCORE range is Yonex's most powerful range of tennis rackets, offering more spin and power than the EZONE thanks to a slightly stiffer frame while also maintaining a power advantage over the VCORE PRO series, and focuses on allowing you to rapidly Read more..

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The lighter-weight version of the VCORE 98, the LG 285g will offers intermediate players a nice balance of power and control in a comfortable and spin-friendly package.

Lighter, faster and more maneuverable than the 305 gram version, the VCORE 98 LG still offers impressive levels of control and stability thanks to the 3D Vector Shaft that reduces racquet twisting at impact. Resulting in not only more stability, but also more precision and thanks to the added stiffness from the 3D Vector Shaft more power as well.

A lot of this racquet's quickness comes from its relatively light 10.1 ounce weight; however, there are a few new Yonex technologies that enhance aerodynamics and help in the generation of increased racquet speed as well as spin potential. The addition of more Aero Fins, now at the lower portion of the head as well as the upper portion of the head reduces air resistance as does Aero Trench technology that recesses the grommets along the top of the racquet's head. Thanks to these new technologies, Yonex claims this latest VCORE series of racquets to be the highest spin producing racquets in the company's history. The switch to a more open 16x19 string only ups the spin potential even more!

Also new to this racquet is Yonex's Namd technology. Integrating the extremely flexible Namd material into strategic areas of the racquet's layup allows the graphite carbon to create more snapback; producing more powerful shots, better feel, and more spin potential. Though this racquet has a similar flex rating (65 RA) to it's predecessor the VCORE SV 98 it does feel noticeably softer and more forgiving thanks to the Namd technology. Another new technology that enhances this racquets feel is Liner Tech. By dramatically reducing the angle at which the string enters the grommets on select main strings acts to extend these strings and produces a larger more forgiving sweetspot as well as more ball pocketing at impact.

Yonex's patented Isometric head shape increases the sweet spot on the 98 square inch head by 7% for greater control without sacrificing power.

Players looking for a lightweight racquet with a nice blend of power and control with surprising amounts of stability should definitely take the VCORE 98 LG 285 out for a hit!


AERO FIN: In addition to the grooves on the inside of the frame’s head, Yonex updates their Aero Fin technology by adding grooves to the outside of the frame’s head at 10 & 2 o’clock. The result is increased wind resistance and higher stroke speeds.

3-D VECTOR SHAFT: The throat grooves of the 3D Vector Shaft improve racquet stiffness, generating supreme face stability and giving players more efficient power.

ISOMETRIC: The Isometric Square Head Shape reduces the inert space found in a conventional round frame. As a result, the racquet is easier to swing through and has superior maneuverability with a 10% bigger sweetspot than an ordinary round head racquet. The sweetspot is the area of a racquet where the longest main and longest cross strings meet in the stringbed. In an ordinary round frame racquet, the sweetspot is where the 8 main and 11 cross strings meet. In the Yonex Isometric Square Head racquet, 10 main and 13 cross strings meet in the stringbed to produce a sweetspot that is 10% larger than the effective hitting area of a conventional round head racquet. With more strings of equal length and a larger effective hitting area in the stringbed, the Isometric Square Head Shape provides consistently accurate shots, giving more power, control and more effective off-center hits.

NAMD: A flexible graphite matrix that enhances dwell time and pocketing.

AERO TRENCH GROMMETS: Submerged grommets for less wind drag, enabling greater stroke speed

NANOMETRIC XT: A flexible carbon material added to the upper frame in order to optimize the response


  • Head Size: 98 sq. inches / 630 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 inches / 68.58 cm
  • Weight: 10.1 oz / 285 g unstrung
  • Balance: 4 pts head light / 325 mm unstrung
  • Swing Weight: 313 strung
  • Beam width: 22mm / 22mm / 21mm
  • Flex: 65 RA
  • Tension Range: 45-60 lbs / 20-27kg
  • String Pattern: 16/19
  • Year Introduced: 2018
  • Made in Japan

VCORE Technologies

The play test

Wimbledon champion Angelique Kerber endorses this range and you can see why. The German has an all-court artillery, relentless retrieval and an abundance of power, which this stylish frame caters for.

“This was the first time that I’ve used a Yonex racket actually and I was impressed. The power was pretty effortless and I was able to strike at full tilt. I thought it was particularly effective off serve, I could really go for it,” said Liam.

“It was pretty steady, out of position I still had confidence to go for my shots, but the highlight for this racket was on the offense, when you stepped into the ball and went for the winner.”

“Similar to Will’s thoughts on the Technifibre, it felt a little head heavy on touch shots, taking a little bit longer to get through the stroke, but when I connected well I was rewarded.”

“A lot of players will find the power of this isn’t compensated in control, but this would be a decent purchase for someone after effortless force, particularly off the groundstrokes.”

VCORE 98 LG (285g) - Red @ Lowest Price

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