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Everything you need for badminton


adidas Spieler A09 Badminton Racket (Strung)

The A09 can be considered the kid brother of the P09. Both ..
C$89.99 C$69.95

adidas Spieler W09 Badminton Racket

Like the Stilistin W1, the W09 is designed with female playe..

Head Icon Pro Eyeguard

Used by 3-time World Champion Rocky Carson, the Icon Pro is ..

Head Rave Eyeguard, Racketsport goggles

Head's new Rave eyewear is stylish and lightweight for ultim..

Head Impulse Safety Eyeguard

Goggles that fit medium to wide. Can be used for all court s..
C$30.00 C$14.95

adidas Spieler Racket Overgrip (Black)

adidas has made a super durable black overgrip for badminton..

adidas Spieler F09 Badminton Racket

Get introduced to the world of speed created by adidas badmi..

adidas Stilistin W1 Badminton Racket (Purple)

Superbrand adidas has made an entry in the high-end carbon f..

adidas Racket Backpack Uberschall F5

adidas backpack for you rackets and court shoes. This bag ha..

adidas Wucht P5 Badminton Racket

Move over bravesword! Style has arrived on the badminton cou..
C$199.95 C$134.95

adidas Wucht P7 Badminton Racket

The new wave of adidas badminton rackets are here. Created t..
C$249.95 C$169.95

adidas Wucht P8 Badminton Racket

The flagship of the adidas badminton rackets is here. Create..
C$269.95 C$179.95

Asics Gel-Blade 6 (White/Ice Blue) Women's Indoor Shoe

Low to the ground court shoe from Asics. Gel in the heel, bu..
C$129.95 C$99.99

adidas Wucht P3 Badminton Racket

This adidas Wucht P3 badminton racquet is a versatile racque..
C$179.95 C$139.95

adidas Wucht P68 Badminton String 200m Reel- White

All of adidas Wucht and Kalkul badminton string are made in ..

adidas Uberschall F5 Overgrip- 3-Pack, White

Best dry overgrip for badminton! adidas Uberschall F5 grip i..

adidas Kalkul A5 Overgrip- 3-Pack, Solar Green

Supertacky adidas kalkul A5 overgrip is made with a premium ..

adidas Uberschall F5 Badminton Racket

The Uberschall F5 is Adidas’ fastest offensive racket.  F..

Salming Hawk Men's Court Shoe @ Lowest Price

The Hawk Court shoe is developed for all types of indoor spo..
C$129.99 C$104.95

Salming Hawk Men's Indoor Shoe - Gun Metal/Lava Red

The Salming Hawk gives you a stable but very lightweight fee..
C$229.95 C$179.95

Salming Kobra 2 (Dark Blue/Blue) Indoor Shoe

Kobra 2 is a fast and flexible lightweight shoe with excelle..

Karakal Pro Tour 30 Racket Backpack

The Karakal Pro Tour 30 Backpack combines a spacious interio..
Fair shipping cost, free over $99 Usd/ Cad
Price match!
Support your friends! We play all the sports we serve
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